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Free Cell Phone Ringtones : FAQ

How do I get free keypress ringtones for my cell phone?
You will need a composer or edit melody function in your phone to be able to do keypress tones. If you have this function, then try our free ring tones database - There's over 1600 ringtones! Do you have free keypress tones for my phone type? We have free keypress tones suitable for compatible Nokia and Ericsson phones and instructions for these phones are available from the web site.
Sample of Monophonic Ringtones
4G2 8F2 8E2 8D2 8C2 4B1 8- 4C2 2- 4G2 8F2 8E2 8D2 8C2 4D2 8- 4E2 2- 4G2 8F2 8E2 8D2 8C2 8D2 8- 8E2 4E2 4- 8G1 4B1 8- 4C2 8- 8E2, 8- 4D2 8- 4C2

How To Download Free Ringtones?
You can download your free ringtones thru WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) directly to your cell phone. You can download your free ringtones by saving the midi, wav, or mp3 format to your pc and transfer it to your phone using a data cable, infrared port or bluetooth connection. You can send them from cell phone to cell phone via Bluetooth or text messaging.

What is MP3 Ringtones?
MP3 is an audio-specific format that was co-designed by several teams of engineers at Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen, Germany, AT&T-Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ, USA, Thomson-Brandt, and CCETT. It was approved as an ISO/IEC standard in 1991.

Top Cell Phone Ringtones

   No One
   Don't Stop The Music
   Single Ladies
   Love Lock Down
   Love Song
   No Matter What
   Gotto Be Somebody
   Time Of My Life
   With You
   Hot N Cold

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